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Rebranding Our Service Name & Logo.

2018年03月13日 17:38:03 | カテゴリ:未分類 | 
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To the beloved users of TOP CAREER,

Thank you for your continuous support and use of our services. We have an exciting change to announce! On April 1st 2018, TOP CAREER will be transferring its services to our brand new Connect Job platform. As such, TOP CAREER International and its services will operate under Connect Job Plus.

TOP CAREER ロゴやじるしサービスロゴ_カラー_背景白

■  Regarding Connect Job and Connect Job Plus
Connect Job is Fourth Valley Concierge’s new brand name for our latest recruiting platform that aims to serve as solution where anyone can find a place to shine brighter and better, anywhere in the world. Connect Job Plus is a subset of the Connect Job platform and will continue to provide the recruitment agent services we have successfully carried out till now.

■  Using Connect Job Plus as an existing TOP CAREER user
If you have already registered an account on the TOP CAREER International website, your existing information will be automatically transferred onto the new platform on the April 1st, 2018. There is no need to sign up for a new account on Connect Job.
※More information regarding the login process for existing TOP CAREER International users will be sent in a separate email.

We look forward to serving you on our new platform as we step into an exciting new journey with Connect Job.