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Creating wonder and excitement globally

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Striving for a multicultural society
the world can be proud of.

Wow the World !

Using technology
for the greatest matches

Wow the World !

A game changer
in creating responsible working environments

Wow the World !

Making Japan the happiest place for foreign talent

Wow the World !

the World!


Creating wonder
and excitement globally

As a game changer in creating responsible working environments across all industries, we provide the greatest matches on our online platform using technology to match Japanese companies with foreign talent in hopes of making Japan a world-class multicultural society and the happiest place for foreign professionals.

A message from our CEO

Our challenge began in a studio apartment in Yotsuya and now has 300,000 registered members from 136 countries looking for overseas employment.

Our aim was to create a world that allows young people from developing and emerging countries to work anywhere regardless of where they are born. We've changed the lives of many people to date.

However, we still haven't reached even 1% of our goal.

What we do

We're developing a global hiring support platform that transcends borders to connect companies with global talent. Our in-house database has 300,000 registered professionals from 136 countries. We conduct transactions with approximately 400 major global companies and IT companies in Japan. We also entered the Specified Skilled Worker field in 2019 and have been commissioned by central and regional governments to help solve Japan's chronic shortage of workers. By welcoming professional talent from countries with underemployment to Japan, which is facing a serious shortage of qualified personnel, we are using the power of business and technology to solve global issues in societies.

Our market: 7.7 billion people


A game changer in the industry

Example: A responsible working environment for laborers anywhere

  • Worldwide Talent Acquisition Support

    We offer global recruitment support, both offline and online, through events such as joint job fairs and interview events held in Japan and abroad, recruitment services, and direct recruiting. Based on a wide range of information on business practices, culture, education, and employment trends in each country, we offer recruitment methods that meet the hiring needs of each company.

  • Online Platform

    Our online platform connects companies with talent from around the world through AI matching. It enables companies and candidates to connect directly with each other and matches candidates with the requirements of each party. It will automatically match the companies with the most suitable candidates from around the world.

  • Overseas Japanese language and vocational training centers

    Excellent foreign human resources who can speak Japanese are rare. We provide Japanese language, cultural and vocational training in various countries to develop foreign human resources who can work and stay in Japan. We provide opportunities to work in Japan by providing Japanese language training for those with expertise in IT, machinery, services, and other fields. By selecting personnel with skills and expertise and providing them with Japanese language training in their home country, we make it possible to expand the pool of hiring candidates for companies as well as give more opportunities for candidates.

  • Government Projects

    We specialize in supporting the acceptance and settling-in of foreign personnel from Japan and abroad. Utilizing the global market data collected and analyzed by our in-house think tank, the Next Generation Foreign Human Resources Research Institute, and our extensive experience and knowledge of foreign personnel recruitment support, we are proud of our top-level government project track record in Japan. We work with central and local governments to help solve the labor shortage across Japan by promoting the acceptance and settling-in of foreign human resources in Japan and contributing to the realization of a multicultural society.
    *Number of projects involving employment of foreign personnel by local governments between FY2017 and FY2019.

FV think tank

Next Generation Foreign Talent Research Institute

"The in-house think tank was established to create a society in which countries and companies can attract and accept human resources from all over the world, and a society in which people from all over the world can easily and freely find workplaces beyond borders. The organization's mission is to stimulate discussion on how to create a sustainable and richer environment for co-existence, establish support and understanding for people who take on the challenges of the world, and create a society that welcomes diversity regardless of nationality, race, or religion. We propose model cases for local governments, companies, and educational institutions to further accept and support settling-in of foreign talent and foreign students, and hold regular study sessions on recruiting and accepting foreign human resources."