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Our Adventure 

Creating wonder

and excitement globally

As a game changer in creating responsible working environments across all industries, we provide the greatest matches on our online platform using technology to match Japanese companies with foreign talent in hopes of making Japan a world-class multicultural society and the happiest place for foreign professionals.

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the World!
Who Are We
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Connect Connect.
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We have developed a global hiring support platform that transcends borders to connect companies with global talent. By welcoming professional talent from countries with underemployment to Japan, which is facing a serious shortage of qualified personnel, we are using the power of business and technology to solve global issues in societies.

Our Adventure

Wow the World!

Creating wonder and excitement globally


Professionals win!

Be a professional in the field

Data rules!

Honesty first!

Always Data Driven

Integrity in all things

CEO Message
Our challenge began in a studio apartment in Yotsuya and now has 300,000 registered members from 136 countries looking for overseas employment.

Our aim was to create a world that allows young people from developing and emerging countries to work anywhere regardless of where they are born. We've changed the lives of many people to date.

However, we still haven't reached even 1% of our goal.

We're currently challenging ourselves to take on a full scale transformation of the company with an initiative titled Fourth Valley 2.0. We're going to use the power of technology and digital to transform the company into one that can make a bigger impact on the world.

We will continue working with the greatest team and give everything we have until everyone can challenge themselves globally at anytime.

Representative Director

Yohei Shibasaki

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