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Working at Fourth Valley Concierge
Perks and benefits

Let's work together!


Those who strongly agree with our vision


Those with a strong sense of ownership and the ability to demonstrate strong leadership in any environment


Those with a strong desire to solve social problems through business and to change society for the better


Solve social problems around the world through business. We strongly believe that by continuing to grow our business, we can help solve the social problems of countries around the world. Working for yourself and working insatiably for your own growth is very important. However, we place even greater importance on the idea of working for society than we do on ourselves. And that is on a global scale.

We have entered the new era, and the world is now undergoing major changes. We strongly believe that we want to be a company and a team that leads that change, rather than riding the waves of it. When the company was founded, there were virtually no companies in Japan that hired new graduates from around the world. Ten years later, in the late 2010s, that has become the norm for IT companies and large corporations. As it is in our company's DNA, we will continue to challenge ourselves in doing what no one else has done before. We will take on challenges and failures, but we will also look forward to those failures and pioneer the new era together with an overwhelming sense of ownership. Starting up a business is not always the smartest thing to do, but it is exciting to walk with a multinational team of passionate people from all over the world. If you want to spend your days like that, we'd love to hear from you! What are you waiting for?


Based on the belief that development of people is the key for the growth of our company, we design our hiring, training, systems, and assignments to create teams that can grow and continue to win in the global marketplace for both the company and its employees. We believe that the creation of the best team is directly linked to the improvement of a company's competitiveness; hiring outstanding human resources, developing them, and maximizing their individual performance by putting the right person in the right job.

We believe that the basis of our human resource strategy is to design and implement initiatives that instill our mission and value into each employee and the organization and enhance their engagement. Business strategy can be mimicked, but corporate culture cannot be imitated overnight. We believe that the power of a team and a corporate culture are the competitive advantages of a company. Our goal is to create a cycle in which each and every employee is highly motivated to continue challenging themselves to achieve various missions and goals, which will ultimately lead to business growth and corporate expansion. We sincerely hope that our team members will not only succeed in their global careers through Fourth Valley, but also realize their desired life plans.

We are looking for people who have a strong desire to work for the society and are eager to grow personally. We are also looking for those who want to build a global business, regardless of nationality or age.

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