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​What we do 

We are developing a global hiring support platform that transcends borders to connect companies with global talent. Our in-house database has 300,000 registered professionals from 136 countries. We conduct transactions with approximately 400 major global companies and IT companies in Japan. We also entered the Specified Skilled Worker field in 2019 and have been commissioned by central and regional governments to help solve Japan's chronic shortage of workers. By welcoming professional talent from countries with underemployment to Japan, which is facing a serious shortage of qualified personnel, we are using the power of business and technology to solve global issues in societies.


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Connect Job

We provide cross-border global recruitment support both offline and online, such as events such as joint company information sessions and selection meetings held in Japan and overseas, and direct recruiting. We propose hiring methods that meet the hiring needs of each company based on all kinds of information such as business customs, culture, educational circumstances, and employment trends in each country.

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Connect study ABROAD

An online matching platform that directly connects educational institutions with those who wish to study in Japan around the world. Taking advantage of our track record of supporting foreigners' employment in Japan for 14 years, we support employment in a wide range of fields such as international technical humanities and specific skill visas. We will also expand the handling of vocational schools and universities.

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Connect Job WORKERS

It is a platform that enables an efficient approach to people who want to work with specific skills in Japan and overseas. Up to now, we can only introduce 50 people a month. Connect Job WORKERS can approach about 10,000 job seekers only in Japan.


Connect study NIHONGO

A learning app for foreigners who are about to learn Japanese or who are currently learning Japanese. There are many videos that you can enjoy studying. It is also a preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).



Information media on career selection and study abroad life for overseas college students

Information media for all foreigners

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