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What we do

Japanese training center /
Connect job class

Overseas Japanese language and vocational training centers

Excellent foreign human resources who can speak Japanese are rare.
We provide Japanese language, cultural and vocational training in various countries to develop foreign human resources who can work and stay in Japan.

We provide opportunities to work in Japan by providing Japanese language training for those with expertise in IT, machinery, services, and other fields.By selecting personnel with skills and expertise and providing them with Japanese language training in their home country, we make it possible to expand the pool of hiring candidates.

Early selection and training of high-level overseas personnel

By cooperating with local universities and Japanese language education institutions, we are able to establish "Connect Job Class" in various Asian countries to provide Japanese language education to specialized personnel. We work with companies to select students who are enrolled in the program, and if they pass, companies will give them pre-offer of jobs. We support the students by providing scholarships and incentives to the universities and students, and help them understand the company and increase their loyalty to the company before they join.
*If the offer is rejected, the scholarship must be returned.

Online Japanese language education

Online Japanese language education

Eliminating geographical and time constraints to expand Japanese language education around the world

Innovative model combining social problem solving and recruitment

Strengths and characteristics

We are able to develop human resources for employment in Japan from our experiences of supporting Japanese companies' global recruitment

Educate candidates locally
with pre-offer from Japanese companies

Earlier securement of excellent personnel

*For new graduates

*For new graduates

Stable securement of personnel
who have the skills to work immediately

Develop a workforce that is loyal and
capable of working in the medium to long term

Our track record

A wide range of companies, from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, use our training program.

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