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Public Projects

We specialize in supporting the acceptance and settling-in of foreign personnel from Japan and abroad. Utilizing the global market data collected and analyzed by our in-house think tank, the Next Generation Foreign Human Resources Research Institute, and our extensive experience and knowledge of foreign personnel recruitment support, we are proud of our top-level government project track record in Japan. We work with central and local governments to help solve the labor shortage across Japan by promoting the acceptance and settling-in of foreign human resources in Japan and contributing to the realization of a multicultural society.
*Number of projects involving employment of foreign personnel by local governments between FY2017 and FY2019.

We contribute to the realization of a multicultural society by applying the know-how and experience we accumulated in the private sector to public projects to promote the acceptance and settling-in of foreign talent in Japan.

Our track record

Support for accepting global human resources

In addition to projects commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and the Okinawa, Toyama and Shizuoka prefectural governments, we have held corporate information sessions and interview sessions both in Japan and abroad as part of the global human resource recruitment process. We collaborate with central government ministries and local governments to solve Japan's workforce shortage and create a brighter future.

Research Business

The field of building cleaning is designated as one of the specified industrial fields. By identifying and analyzing good practices and local labor shortages, and organizing issues based on these information from a professional standpoint, the Council on Building Cleaning Special Skills established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has developed a scheme that will serve as a basis for disseminating the purpose of the system and examining countermeasures.

Settling-in Support

The Toyama project recruits top-class science-related personnel from overseas who are difficult to hire in Japan. We not only match companies in Toyama with excellent science-related personnel, but we also provide Japanese language education to enable them to come to Japan and be active in Toyama. In addition, the program provides support for obtaining work visas, which is an unparalleled service in other local governments.

FV think tank

Next Generation Foreign Talent Research Institute (in-house think tank)

The in-house think tank was established to create a society in which countries and companies can attract and accept human resources from all over the world, and a society in which people from all over the world can easily and freely find workplaces beyond borders.
The organization's mission is to stimulate discussion on how to create a sustainable and richer environment for co-existence, establish support and understanding for people who take on the challenges of the world, and create a society that welcomes diversity regardless of nationality, race, or religion. We propose model cases for local governments, companies, and educational institutions to further accept and support settling-in of foreign talent and foreign students, and hold regular study sessions on recruiting and accepting foreign human resources.

Global research business

In recent years, many ministries and local governments have begun providing support for the acceptance and settling-in of foreign talent in Japan. We provide solutions in recruiting excellent human resources from abroad, filling the shortage of labor in rural areas, and supporting the settling-in of foreign students to the region. We collect and analyze data from a variety of perspectives, such as the merits and employment trends of foreign students, and provide consulting services aimed at resolving issues that the ministries and local governments face.