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Worldwide Talent Acquisition Support

We offer global recruitment support, both offline and online, through events such as joint job fairs and interview events held in Japan and abroad, recruitment services, and direct recruiting.

Based on a wide range of information on business practices, culture, education, and employment trends in each country, we offer recruitment methods that meet the hiring needs of each company.

Worldwide Recruitment Support

“Connect Job”

We specialize in the global recruitment support of foreign personnel. Our recruitment support covers a wide range of skills, from technical, humanities and international operations, which are known as highly skilled professionals, to specific skills, which are considered medium skilled professionals.

We provide both online and offline recruitment support for foreign personnel throughout Japan to address the chronic shortage of labor in the country.

Connect Job

We match your company with human resources from around the world in all industries, including IT, STEM, and Japanese speakers (business professionals), foreign students, domestic international students, and new graduates and mid-career workers from Japan and abroad. Our strength lies in supporting the recruitment of IT engineers with a focus on AI, data science, cyber security, and application development, which are particularly difficult to hire in Japan.

We offer global recruitment support, both offline and online, through events such as joint job fairs and interview events held in Japan and abroad, as well as providing direct recruiting platform.

Job fairs and interview sessions
New graduates
Highly skilled professionals
Middle-skill professionals
Job Transfer

A breakthrough recruiting model based on the concept of doing something fun with engineers from around the world allows overseas engineers to be a part of your team without them having to move to Japan.

Direct Recruiting Platform

Connect Job WORKERS

This service specializes in 14 job fields listed for the "Specified Skilled Workers" residency status in Japan. Connect Job WORKERS has the largest number of registrants in Japan (based on published data from domestic companies), with highly educated people with a strong command of the Japanese language. We have gained the trust of many Japanese companies through our extensive track record of holding job fairs and seminars for overseas university students and mid-career candidates in Japan.

*14 industries: Care Worker, Building cleaning Management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industries, Industrial machinery industry, Electric, Electronics and Information Industries, Construction Industry, Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry, Automobile repair and maintenance, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture, Fishery & Aquaculture, Manufacture of food and beverages, Food service industry

Connect Study Abroad
International student acquisition and
job placement support

We support the recruitment of international students from all over the world to study at your educational institution. We provide a wide range of support, from holding study and work in Japan events around the world, conducting online and local PR activities and exam support, to assisting candidates with their applications, and assisting international students in their job search after they have been admitted to your school. We also offer research on the education structure of countries around the world through our in-house think tank.

Reception and settling-in programs for foreign personnel

We provide comprehensive services for accepting foreign nationals, from overseas selection and follow-ups of those who have been offered jobs, to those joining and settling in. We take care of the cumbersome and time-consuming procedures for accepting foreign nationals, including the preparation of various documents, contracting, food and cultural/religious care, attendance at the airport, support for moving in after arrival, opening a bank account, and accompanying foreigner registration.

Comprehensive approach to recruitment

Hiring activities will be supported throughout, from the promotion, pre-screening candidates, and screening, reducing the hiring steps for your company. We also provide a full range of services and consulting, including pre-hiring strategy and planning, the selection of target areas, as well as post-hiring follow-ups and settling-in to the workplace and Japan.